Health, Safety and Environmental Services

This training course is designed for people who work in or around confined spaces. Do you know the safe and correct procedures for entry into, working within a confined space, and the emergency procedure for confined space operations? Knowing the types of confined spaces and their hazards is important to stay safe.

Explosives have multiple industrial applications. The transportation, storage and use of explosive for industrial purpose require specialized skills acquired through training. We train explosive handlers in all they need for safe operations. Know the appropriate vehicles, signs and prohibitions for transportation, magazine structures, location and access control for storage and priming and firing safety rules. The danger in explosive handling is huge but appropriate trainings can reduce it to ALARP.

Packing a school lunch can be a great way to provide your child with a healthy, nutritious lunch. However, each year, many thousands of children suffer from illnesses associated with eating contaminated food from their lunch boxes and sometimes this results to death. Food poisoning can be a serious health risk and further effects may include doctor’s visits, medication costs, and time off work for parents to care for their sick child and in most cases, time off school for the child. As schools generally do not provide students with access to heating devices, any potentially hazardous food in a school lunch box needs to be kept at a safe temperature.